Michelle Beeden

“What can I say… nick brown.. you were amazing, your magic was jaw dropping! The next day people were still talking about you …You really did entertain our guest at our wedding, you made my wedding day even more magical! Thank you for being part of our special day ”.

Lalya Payne

“We can’t thank Nick enough for making our wedding day so special. We had such lovely comments from our guests at how amazing Nick was. It was lovely having Nick entertaining our guests while photos were being taken. Would 100% recommend Nick to anyone. Thank you Layla & Matt”.

Scott Doughty

“Nick entertained our wedding guests and was fabulous! Very well received, a number of guests have commented on how good he was. I wish we had had more time to spend with him personally watching his tricks. Thank you very much! Mr & Mrs Doughty”.

Robert Ayrton

“Nick was first class and entertained all at Captain’s day last Saturday. I have had many members tell me how good he was and say “how did he do that ” all were fully entertained.
Well worth it.Robert Ayrton”.

Louise Hornagold

“Nick amazed and entertained everyone at our Summer Ball with his close up Magic. Guests were left asking “how did he do that?” Nick was not only a fantastic magician he was also an absolute pleasure to deal with. Helpful and professional, he really cared about making our event the success it was. Thanks Nick”.

Gill Warne

“I saw Nick Brown this morning and he kindly did some magic tricks for us. He really is the most incredible magician, performing right in front of my eyes including getting me to join in! If you ever need to hire a magician for an event, hire Nick as he is awesome!”.

John Trumper (Private Parties)

“Nick performed at my 60th birthday party as well as my 40th wedding anniversary party. On both occasions Nick provided not only high quality magic but was able to create an atmosphere that was guaranteed to ensure a successful party. He’s a delight to deal with in terms of reliability & communications so once booked you knew you had nothing else to worry about. I am also aware that Nick got other engagements through his performances at our parties”.

Lee Ellaway – Director, Brilliant Theatre Arts (Corporate Events)

“Nick is a fabulous close-up magician. His magic has real ‘wow’ factor and he is a constant crowd pleaser. He is a pleasure to work with. His professional, friendly style of performance works well at every kind of event. The entertainment team at Brilliant Theatre Arts have enjoyed employing Nick at numerous shows and we look forward to working with him again very soon!”



Eddie Smith (Masonic Dinner)

“Nick has performed his magic at two of our annual dinners and has held everyone spellbound with both his close up magic and his stage magic act. Totally captivating and clever and his humour & personality impresses.”

Geoff Bloom (Street Party)

“Nick Brown kept the tables enthralled with his close up magic throughout the afternoon, to the point that some of the guests were difficult to shift at the end because they wanted “just one more trick. A huge success!”

Nicky Latchford-Palmer (Private Party)

“I hired Nick to entertain my guests at my 50th birthday party – and entertain them he did!! Everybody was amazed at his magic and as I wandered round I could catch people laughing and huddled round Nick doing his stuff! Very entertaining and a great added attraction to any special occasion. I can highly recommend Nick if you want to keep your guests guessing!”

Kate Blethyn (Corporate Event)

“Fantastic magician with fantastic service! I hired Nick for a company social event a year ago and people in the office still talk about him even now! Nick really entertained everyone with his brilliant tricks and charming manner, is totally reliable, and will be a great addition to any size of event. Absolutely magic!”

Nic Essex Magic actionChris & Helen Brown (Wedding)

“We hired Nick’s magical talents for our wedding at Tregenna Castle. We just wanted to thank you for everything you did, you were absolutely amazing! All my Irish relatives are still talking about it! You really wowed our guests and we will certainly be recommending you in the future! Nick is an absolutely brilliant magician who not only has great tricks but is also very funny. A guaranteed way to leave a lasting impression on your guests!”

Sarah & Dan Robinson (Wedding)

“Nick performed magic at our wedding. It filled that gap between wedding breakfast and reception just perfectly. Pretty soon the gasps, laughter and shrieks of surprise drew a crowd around him. This was fantastic for getting all the guests to mingle! We still have friends and family remember ‘that brilliant magician’ at our wedding and it was a pleasure to have Nick there as part of it.”

Susan Connolly (Christmas Party)

“Nick has performed at our lunch for the past three years and entertained us all with his magic.  Amazing!  His tricks are unbelievable and always hit the spot with our audience.”

Carole Morris (Christmas Party)

“Nick’s show was ‘magic’! Wonderful performer with a great sense of humour. His tricks were so enjoyed by all! How does he do it?”

Tim Connolly (Dinner and Dance)

“Nick performed at our cricket club dinner and dance for some pre-dinner mix and mingle. He put his audience at ease and the magic was outstanding. ‘How did he do that?’ was the main topic of conversation at dinner. I would recommend Nick to light up and astound any gathering.”

Philip Bowden – (Private Party)

“I booked Nick to perform at a friend’s party. It was a small group of mixed ages, including some older children. Nick went to great lengths to ensure that everyone was entertained. He involved everyone in the magic and, most of all, he created a great atmosphere.”